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Communal Living

(Random Internet Picture - Used for Illustration Purposes - Don't Know These People) A goal for Urians should always be to found communal groups, with other Urians. With so few us, each pretty rooted in our current situation, I guess it's not very plausible - but it is a future agenda and part of our teachings. When thinking about this, here is a good place for education and research on how to go about it: Intentional Communities The Book Store When (if ever) you are ready and willing to do this, you can actually place ads seeking people, at this website, and have it put in their annual book. Simply state: Looking for devout Urians (students of The Elyon Way) to live in fellowship with (www.urianism.com). Those who are interested can do the research on their own. Pragmatically speaking, having an off-grid remote ranch location, is attractive to people - and I think we would find that some would become Urian just to participate in such a lifestyle. Be sure to research the Urian approach to this (which is monastic-like). It is also possible to have a large house in the city, even transform a run down apartment building - save that morally traditional groups are rather unwelcome in most urban areas these days. If I were to come into a lump of money, I'd probably start it Fiji or Patagonia, or buy an island (lol). Note, I would seriously consider moving to a stable and functioning Urian commune. Quote from Monologue 43: Fellowship I call you not only to labor together and pray together, but to play together also. Go to movies, meet for coffee, create your own sports teams for casual fun, and live your lives as one community. When your time of group devotions is concluded, why not linger and watch a game or a rented show? Or why not turn prayer meetings into picnics and hiking trips? Moreover, if you would truly create the Kingdom of God, manifested on earth, then you must congregate geographically and consolidate your efforts. Those who are called to priesthood should indeed create seminaries/ monasteries/ communal colonies, where married (childless) couples may dwell together and labor together in mind, body, and spirit for the common good. Quote from Monologue 66: Kingdom 1 Above all else, therefore, I encourage each Urian, when finding other Urians, to geographically relocate when possible, and too help one another in such migrations. There is, as is always said, "strength in numbers." Communal living is extremely difficult for many people, and it almost always generates negative attention from unbelievers. It is better to simply live close to each other, in the same apartment complex, or the same neighborhood, or just the same town. Until a Urian nation is formed, only clergy should form communal monastic settlements; and then, only those clergy who are without children. Such monasteries will focus on agriculture (raising food according to Urian standards), and will also serve as seminaries and retreats for the faithful.

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