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Updated: Jun 13, 2023

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I just threw this together, will improve on it over time. Forgive spelling errors and lack of structural style. Just realized most people don't even understand basic political terminology and political matters these days, as it's chaos lately. This is not a scholarly article, and mostly just my opinion, certainly bias, and unvarnished. IT IS A HUGE SUBJECT, WITH A LOT OF SIDE-TRAILS, but I've tried to cover whatever you might come across or encounter as terms or references in the modern political spectrum.

Globalism vs. Nationalism -- The Main Dividing Line Now

Globalists want one world government, a world state, no more nations... they tend to work toward population control (by any means necessary) and tend to favor the Chinese Communist model of government as the most efficient form. The Globalist movement really took off after WWI with the rise of the League of Nations (forerunner to the United Nations) and is currently tied to radical environmental, economic and social policies (ESG, DEI) designed to break down nation-states and economically and thus politically and socially conquer nations from within, merging them into one defacto world nation. The World Economic Forum (Davos Crowd), the World Health Organization (under Chinese oversight), the United Nations and many very wealthy corporations tied to these organizations are the main driving force behind the globalist movement.

Nationalists are those who love their own country above other countries, their own culture above other cultures... they tend to want to keep their own countries, their own cultural identity, and their own local, state, and national governments, and reject the idea of an over-government of international elites -- viewing them as sinister wanna-be tyrants (which is often the case). Nationalists movements, unfortunately, tend to evolve into ultra-patriotic and fascist (see below) movements, centering on a charismatic leader, who whips up the people into a frenzy of hatred toward those perceived as threats to the national identity and cultural heritage, using patriotic symbols and slogans as manipulative tools to further their cause.

Global unity is not inherently a bad idea, save that global unity under totalitarianism is a hellish vision for the future, that seems ever more likely under those currently pushing toward this goal.

Nationalism, preserving ones own culture and nation, is not an unreasonable desire for any people of any color... yet, the tendency in Nationalist movements of the past toward bloody expressions of racism, civil war, and wars of supremacy and conquest gives reason for concern to those who know the history (this is not always the case, but there is a history of it).

The Urian position on race and nationality (Uriel's view of race and nationality) is that truly spiritual people outgrow such stupid definitions, realizing we are spirit-beings in meat suits, and that we have worn different meat-suits across time, so that identifying as a specific race or with a specific national identity is temporary, superficial, and anti-spiritual. Uriel has said at times, that those who reincarnate will often become the very things they hated most. Moreover, in that most nations are generally rather godless, amoral, and/or in direct rebellion against The Divine Will, makes it problematic for Urians, whose allegiance is firstly to God and Kingdom Come, to get caught up in nationalist sentiments... our ideal is to be patriots of God's Kingdom, within us and in the world around us.

Still, we live in countries/nations, and as such participate in the life of those countries, and pragmatically need to support that which enables us to further the goals of our spiritual race. Race for Urians is really about who you, as a spirit being, as a living soul, choose to align with, your spiritual race/nation -- The God, The Anti/Unnatural, or simply the Material/Nature... aka angels, demons, or fey/nature spirits.

Communism, to a lesser degree Socialism, is what is called "Collectivist." That is to say, communists believe that no one person is as important as the good of the whole society, individual rights and freedoms are irrelevant to the greater good of all people... they generally believe that all property and possessions and money is communal or should be shared equally, divided up among all the people, not that it is given to them, for everything belongs to the government, and can be redistributed as needed (divided up) -- as Karl Schwab, leader of the World Economic Forum says, "You will own nothing and be happy... Eat da bugs!"

Collectivists believe that there should be no rich or poor unless everyone is rich, and or that the rich and the productive/successful exist to give the non-rich (aka the government) everything they have, usually through extreme taxation. It does not reward hard work, ingenuity, enterprise, integrity, but takes from those who work hardest and give the most, and gives it to... well, the government, to supposedly distribute more equitably...

If you go to school, work your butt off to make a good living, climb the ladder toward success, you are punished by having your stuff taken to give to everyone else, your income taxed until you are poor again... so there is no incentive for success.

Moreover, in communist or socialist states, religion, belief in God or any spiritual thing is considered backwards and ridiculous (superstition, opium of the masses), as science and humanism, secularism, are central to modern collectivist thinking. Religion is even considered harmful to the people, and only state-approved religion, and only state-approved sermons or teachings are permitted, if anything (private home worship/service is outlawed because it cannot as easily be controlled).

Communism and Socialism insist that there is no heaven, only the good of the people, and the good of the people is to work and work and work, and obey whatever the government tells you is the good of the people... and if you complain, if you say No I won't, you can expect to be arrested, imprisoned, tortured, enslaved, and eventually killed. You own nothing. You are nothing but a cog in the machine, a slave to the government -- ergo, a slave to the good of the whole... you have no rights but what you're told you can have.

In China, North Korea, the former Soviet Union, as in most communist countries, people were/are regularly rounded up and mass murdered, tortured and imprisoned for being "undesirable" -- ergo, not good communists, or for the crimes of being property owners, business owners, free thinkers, farmers, religious people, or anyone who dares to question the government, or if you are thought to be thinking seditious thoughts against the state.

A hundred million people died under communist dictatorships in the last 100 years, and still rising.

Socialism (pseudo-communism) is used as a soft version of Communism, as a way to get the foot in the door and work to take over a country, starting in universities with communist-leaning professors... which is what's happening and has happened in The West (Europe, North America).

Marx, Lennon, and Mao are the chief philosophers that came up with the basic teachings, Maoism (Communist Chinese doctrine) is the most vicious and oppressive form of the ideology, even celibrating the glories of torturing people (imo).

Ironically, s0-called leftists/progressives in the West promote this ideology, while in most communist nations gays and trans, in fact 'liberals' are rounded up and put into prison camps, tortured, worked to death, right alongside religious people... for both groups are considered "undesirable."

Progressive - Leftist - Liberal - the agenda is always forward movement, socio-political change, for its own sake... decriminalization of crimes by the poor and under-privileged, tightening of laws for the privileged or unpopular... the tearing down of social norms, the destabilization of cultures, cultural and social evolution for no other reason than for its own sake... entropy, chaos, disorder, emotionalism, the social suicide of unrestrained un-pragmatic idealism... unnatural and forced at all costs, just because.... eventually leading to social and national decay and destruction. To be liberal, is the opposite of to conserve, or keep, it is the impulse to liberate from something, anything, everything, for its own ends... Left is always a socially and morally downward direction for any society, and the right (those who hold to the old ways) are always dragged left, compromising to temporarily hold ground... in turn, when civilization implodes or is conquerored by the barbarians, they reset things to a more conservative/traditionalist bent (their own version). Left always tries to attack and pull down the status quo, Right always defends and seeks to maintain tradition and the status quo.

Republicans (Establishment Republicans) believe in business, money, commerce, and free trade, capitalism, self-motivation, doing it yourself -- it is a party that used to be all about business and businessmen, the country club crowd who looked down on the great unwashed masses as unworthy serfs... the almighty dollar was god. The GOP had no care for the poor, the environment, animal rights, the greater good, if it did not serve the bottom line (profit). They have always hated social programs (taxing people to pay for other people), have always been pro-war (war makes the rich richer through the making and selling of weapons), and anything that gets in the way of making money, including morality (right and wrong) or liberty, was decried... Establishment (Old School) Republicans love to keep society stable, maintain the sameness, keep everything orderly, and keeping the poor, poor, because they need workers, and order is good for business... They tend to hate social programs (even ones they tax us for like Social Security) because it takes away their workers, those people to do all those low end jobs no one wants to do... In recent times the establishment GOP has been forced, by the Trump movement, toward a more populist and nationalistic bent, and has evolved to be more accepting of gays and things like animal-rights, and though wanting to get rid of social programs, tend to not say that out loud to often.

Note Immigration - The reason the standard GOP never passes serious immigration reform is because corporations, industry, big-agriculture want illegal immigrants, they are a cheaper labor force than citizens, uneducated people who will do all the hard jobs that most people won't do unless they are paid really well... This is why they complain about immigration (illegal immigration) but do nothing about it, because the local Chambers of Commerce (local business owners) like to employ off-the-book workers, because illegal aliens can't form unions and can't make demands, and can be treated like shit (they need the jobs too much to complain). Establishment Republicans serve money (Mammon) and corporate interests above all else. Democrats, on the other hand, do not pass immigration reform, because they believe that illegal immigration gives them more voters, more poor powerless people to exploit for popularity and votes, by giving them amnesty and free stuff. Moreover, many immigrants are from socialist/communist countries, or countries with a history of socialist/communist revolutions.

Note - the issue with social programs - from a purely Christian viewpoint, in which Jesus told people to sell everything and give it to the poor....... well, uh. Yet, pragmatically, social programs are hugely expensive, and everything that is 'given' to someone is paid for by someone else, nothing is free... the government takes in taxes to pay its billls (the cost of having a military to defend us for instance), but most governments spend far more than they take in, and so run what is called 'deficits' or 'debts.' As the debts get higher and higher, forcing the government to borrow money against the future, and print more money (literally make up money) the value of a nation's money (dollars) is lower, so that a dollars buying power decreases.

The more debt and fake money that is created, the greater the inflation, and the possibility of decreasing the national credit score (we went from AAA to AA-rating under Obama)... Budgets work for countries just as it works for people.

Social programs are the largest part of many national budgets. Free college, in example, is not free -- those who work and pay taxes, they pay for someone to go to college free, and when the government is paying (via taxing people) so the colleges raise the price to take advantage. Every dollar someone gets in foodstamps, is a dollar coming out of the taxes paid by those who work. Being in business is very hard work, it is often 14 hours a day and 7 days a week, just working and running your butt off to start and run the business. Corporate types work constantly, wear themselves out, ruining their marriages and often getting addicted to things that make it possible for them to work harder and faster and longer -- so, they get a little upset when they have to pay more and more taxes, to pay for someone who may "seem" able bodied, so that the disable person can to sit home and sleep (eat, play games, watch porn, walk in the park) etc.

Trumpism (The Unwashed Masses) - Trump Republicans - Donald Trump has openly called himself a Nationalist (see below) and is a populist, tapping into popular mainly rural/working class sentiments and viewpoints, and advocating for originalist Constitutionalism (sticking to the original intent of the Constitution) and free-market solutions to social woes. Socially/Morally rather Libertarian (live and let live), he has often played to the concerns of Social Conservatives, but while president promoted gay rights across the globe... Rather than wanting to get rid of social programs, however, like Establishment and Libertarian Republicans, he has put forward the notion that America can pay for them by becoming an economic power house (again), thus by lowering taxation and increasing deregulation, which promotes business interests (a richer country can afford to help its poor and downtrodden).

As an anti-war, pro-peace or pro-negotiation president, approaching foreign policy like a business deal, he angered the intelligence community and the military industrial complex... This must be understood in the sense that ex-military officers and intelligence agency types tend go to work for defense contractors (the weapon makers) and private security firms when leaving public service -- war is a money making machine, and so many politicians and people in government are compromised (aka sellouts)... Any president or politician (or journalist) that is anti-war, is against those who make money from war, and war is used by politicians to increase their own authority while in office.

He (Trump) also angered Establishment Republicans, just as he angered erudite intellgentsia in general (elites) by bringing the common working class people flooding into the GOP, who have a more down-home and pro-constitutional, common sensical or simplistic view of the world. His personality, from growing up in the construction sector of society (hanging out with blue collar men and rednecks) is anti-snob, rather crass, at times 'locker room' like. His advocacy of the vaccines, statements that he might use the military to distribute it, troubled some Urians (including me).

As he is not hardline anti-abortion, nor conservative on social issues over all, and has a libertarian views on most social issues, which has troubled many conservatives.

Note - Qanon - Qanon/Q-Anonymous or Qnon is an internet movement that arose from various online "stuff" I don't feel like going into... but centered around the basic premise that the world/governments are being run by a secret cult of Satanic child-molesting cannibals, who torture and terrify victims (sacrifices) namely abducted or undocumented children, so that they produce Adrenochrome, which somehow grants to those who drink/imbibe or otherwise ingest that substance longer life, health benefits, and/or supernatual-psychic power... Ergo Qanon believes the world is run by psychopathic/sociopathic Satanists and Luciferians, who get off on hurting and sexually assaulting kids.

This was tied in with the Jeffery Epstein pedo-island thing, certain secret societies, literal cults (exp. The Finders Cult), etc... etc. Qanon believed that Donald Trump came to save the world from these cults, and indeed, sex trafficking and mass pedophile rings were uncovered and prosecuted during his term, and have been discovered before and since his time in office.

Hollywood itself fueled a lot of this fear, with their own blatantly occultish behaviors and symbolism, and promotions thereof, in movies and music, whether as sincere pratitioners, or just to sell records, intentionally provoke and bait people, is uncertain (probably all of the above in part). Certainly there has always been an occult (often dark) under-current among the wealthy and/or the elite of society, dating back to Madam Bathory, and jaded/bored rich people are often drawn into extreme things, seeking to fulfill the innate human need for spirituality and stimulation -- but filling it with the bizarre extremes.

As soon as someone becomes super-wealthy and/or famous they often seem to be sucked into actual super-villainy and dark plots to rule the world, and weird political-social-religious beliefs of a darker nature seem the norm.

In my view, it is evident that there is a union of some (if not many) elites to usher in a defacto-Satanic (Satanic by its godless and amoral nature) world government... many of these people do belong to secret societies.... many are jaded psychopaths... and have an agenda that is neither holy, wholesome, nor pro-human... but utterly self-serving and ant-christ.

The primary cultic aspects among the Hollywood crowd and ruling class seems to be centered on the Luciferian ideals and the teachings of Aleister Crowley/Thelema, and other similar occult schools of thought (Temple of Set, The Church of Satan)... the ideal is, through secret knowledge, self-perfection, dark gnosis, to become a godlike being, attain demonic level personal power and being.

Libertarian Republicans believe in live and let live; they don't want government in their lives, desiring no taxation, no rules -- just let them do whatever they want. They vehemently disdain social programs, tend to deride disabled people (especially the mentally ill) because they don't want to pay for those who don't work, and they generally dislike government control of any kind.

They are often very much against organized religion, because it tells them how to live, and that they should care about the poor -- but are often privately religious, after a libertarian (Do Whatever You Want) interpretation thereof.

They want to be able to defend themselves (aka love guns), tend to only support local sheriffs and local government, somewhat, and don't really want there to be a lot of cops... they don't care if people are gay or trans, or have abortions, as long as you don't tell them how to think and live and believe, don't try to force them to love gays or trans or have abortions. You will see the yellow snake banner, the words "Don't Tread On Me" type of slogans... Libertarians don't worry about lawlessness and crime, as long as they are allowed to defend themselves and fight back against criminals as required. They tend to support the legalization of prostitution, drugs, and unrestrained oil drilling, logging, and mining.

Social Conservatives (usually Republicans) are not about money, but about morality and God, religion usually -- that is, they believe that our country, all countries, should be governed by Christian values (usually Christian) and or Jewish-Christian values (Biblical values). In Muslim countries, the conservatives are very hardline about imposing religious/Islamic Law on everyone... Since The Bible, and most religious teachings over time, are against certain behaviors (adultery, fornication, murder, stealing, homosexuality, etc... etc) they are against it too, and want laws made that stop people from breaking "God's Laws."

It used to be that there were Socially Conservative Democrats, not anymore (Bill Clinton pushed workfare and the Defense of Marriage Act).

Social conservatives tend to be against things like pornography, abortion, gay marriage, even alcohol, and of course drugs... they care more about having an orderly and clean society, where everyone works hard, has a family, husbands and wives stay together their whole lives, two parent families, want prayer and religion in school (they start religious schools) --- they believe this is God's way and will for humankind.

Neo-Cons -- these are financial conservatives, but social liberals... they are internationalists, usually pro-war, rather liberatarian (lower taxes, less regulation) but also establishment (status-quo), and they tend to be urban Republicans, and really just old school liberals who have been driven out of the Democratic Party and into the Republican Party, transforming it, liberalizing the GOP, taking it ever more socially left... They are corporatists, tend to court popular culture, and are very much rooted in war and the military industrial complex... They believe in getting into everyone elses business around the world, being part of the world order. In short, money and international affairs is their main schtick, and they tend to dislike the homespun, unwashed, under-educated masses ... aka Trump-types.

Democrats. The Democratic Party -- ironically, used to be the party that was behind slavery in the south... Democrats traditionally, in the last 50 years, were all about the rights of the poor, helping the afflicted and the destitute, protecting animals, the rights for minorities, protecting nature, trying to make the world a kinder and nicer place, and many were Christians and Jews who believed that it was God's will that we, humans, be more compassionate and kind hearted... They were often, socially, very conservative (believed in marriage between only men and women for instance), and wanted a society that was color-blind, non-racist in any direction, and in which women had an equal say... they did not necessarily agree that homosexuality is normal or good, but were concerned that gays not be beaten up or otherwise cruelly treated. They also tended to believe that what people did in the privacy of their own home was their own business, and not the government's concern, and so, were against imposing religious laws on everyone. Democrats are often associated with the Hippy Movement of the 60s, or The Peace and Love Movement, which was against all war. NOW, the Democratic Party is totally different, Woke-Socialism and Woke-Communism has taken over.

Wokeism -- Anarcho-Communism/Tyranny -- this arose from the old Democrat ideals, the liberal notions of protecting people, rights for women, or social justice as it is called, combined with radical environmentalism... but what it is, is a very strange form of Socialism and Communism (Marxism, Cultural or Social Marxism) -- advocating for domination and supremacy of minorities over majorities, utter disenfranchisement or discrimination and even the killing of whites and/or asians... It advocates for latin and black rulership over all other peoples, and even more so, rulership of sexual minorities over all people -- LGBQT++++++, putting their rights and their goals above all others... Ushering in the push for the sterilization (castration and chemical castration) of children -- convincing boys they are girls, little girls that they are boys.

Like Communists, they want total control, they want to disarm the population so none can object, they want to force Queer Theory/Gender Theory, Critical Race Theory (racism) on the population, and are willing to destroy/cancel anyone who disagrees. They physically attack anyone who argues against them, have killed, or maimed people in the name of justice, beat up parents, and have taken over the Democratic Party completely.

The Democratic Party has control of the actual government (the agencies of the federal and most state governments).

Like Communists, they hate organized religion, anything that tells them they are wrong in what they think and say... They love burning down churches, attacking groups that oppose abortion. They openly call for getting rid of police (lawlessness), call for letting all criminals out of prison, legalizing pedophilia, legalizing animal torture and sex with animals, and often openly espouse Satanism.

They believe that we should get rid of all cars, all meat, that we should be forced to eat bugs instead of meat, and that men and women should be forced to date and have relations with transgender people -- because if you don't want to have sex with a fake woman, a guy dressed like a woman, you are of course a bigot in their view. White, straight, religious people, and really any religious or socially conservative person of any color, is utterly hated by Wokeists.

Even Republicans are sliding into the Wokeist camp (Anarcho-Communists), for fear of angering them, because, when you anger the Wokeists, they will come after you, directly and indirectly, try to get you fired, kicked out of your apartment, investigated for crimes... they target people for personal destruction. If a TV show comes out that does not promote their views, they shut it down... if a comedian tells jokes they hate, they shut him or her down... etc... etc.

More and more Christian and Jewish conservatives are giving in to the Wokeist ideology, for fear of being destroyed by it. As with most communists, they want the government to destroy anyone who disagrees with them, and as the DNC controls the federal and most state bureaucracies (governments) it is getting rather scary to be a socially conservative religious person.

Wokeism is crazy, but it is also very powerful... It is about grievance, victimhood, and turning everything on its head... But, in truth, the people advocating for it, are pawns, and being used by more powerful forces -- who want to usher in a government and system of rules that governs the entire world -- a system that is godless, amoral, and in total control.

Totalitarianism = Total Control'ism... that is the real agenda... for a certain small group of people (the richest, the most powerful) to enslave all of humanity by the use of technology (tracking) and corrupt all of humanity, and banish all notions of religion, God, the old ways of thinking about right and wrong, and merge humans with machines, totally control what you can say, what you can think, whether you're allowed to breed or marry, what you can eat or not eat... etc.

Democracy -- rule by and for The People... pure or direct democracy tends to be 'mob rule,' in which the loudest and most forceful people gain control and in which The People tend to vote themselves so much free stuff that everything degenerates into poverty and chaos. Indirect Democracy is covered under Republic.

Republic -- a Democratic Republic is what America and most European countries claim to be, in which representatives chosen by the people, through elections, hold power as voices of peoples and factions of society.... In practice, it is mostly wealthy corporate shills and people who promise the mob whatever they want that gain power, and hold on to it -- you cannot get into even local offices without compromising your values, kissing the butts of the rich and influential, and the higher you climb, the more corrupt you will have to become to attain power. Money is everything in our Republic, and having powerful rich friends... So we have become, in effect, a government for and by the richest and most elite people -- which is really just Oligarchy. The ruling class tend to be corporate leaders and Hollywood/entertainment personalities.

Conservative - to conserve, to hold on to, the will to keep and stay the course, maintain the status quo. In modern times, most conservatives are financial conservatives, which is to say, pro-money, supporting low taxes, minimal regulation on businesses, and the war machine (the business of war, weapons).


Anarchism - weirdly this belief in total freedom is Right Wing traditionally... It is as far right as anyone can go... every man/woman for him or herself. You are on your own, no state help, families and clans of people providing for themselves, living their own way... defending their own piece of ground, growing their own gardens, foraging, hunting, and fishing... Anarchism at its worse is total chaos, lawlessness; usually, the lack of government leads to chaos and chaos to what is called 'despotism.' That is, when you have utter chaos, the strongest and most violent people rise up to rule everyone else and do with others whatever they want to do. Libertarianism is a slight shade of gray away from anarchy.

Communism itself is at the exact opposite end of the political spectrum -- a form of Totalitarianism - total controlism. Whereas Anarchists take a every man for himself approach, the Communists see that everyone depends on and is responsible for everyone else, that no one individual has much value apart from the entire community, and so the rights or needs of individuals are not important and are often trampled... they want everyone to think and act on the same page without division or diversity of thought or words or actions.

Anarcho-Communism turns the entire country into a social program, in which everyone has a universal basic income (magically conjured), except certain peoples (the bourgeoisie) who are forced to carry and slave for everyone else (the rich and middle class must serve the whole by paying 99% taxation) and are provided for by the government, while being utterly free to commit crimes (steal, murder, rape, etc.) abuse drugs, play video games, and generally make a nuisance of themselves... As in communism, all religion is abolished, there are no police, only social-workers and counselors to hug and coddle the masses into happiness and passivity, and in which warlords (see Chaz) and trans-dragons rule over us as pharaonic gods and goddesses of old, with absolute authority to "Do As They Wilt."

Fascism is a word thrown around a lot, usually pinned on anyone who is socially conservative... Fascists (Fascism) uses patriotism -- that is the love of country, the love of your own people, your own culture, whatever people, or culture that may be.

So, if you are German, you love Germany, traditional German culture and beliefs, the German identity. If you are Canadian, you love Canada, all things Canadian, and see Canada as superior, special, even chosen by God as a special people and nation. This love of country, putting your own country and people first, your own cultural identity above all others, is called NATIONALISM.

Yet, what makes "Nationalism into Fascism," is the addition of:

1) Worship of all things militaristic, soldier worship, flag worship, militaristic thinking, the drive to drive out all that is non-traditional, non-cultural, and even conquer and rule over other peoples, becoming an ultra-patriotism in effect -- where you worship your flag and the symbols of your people and see yourselves as superior and worthy to rule over everyone else....

2) A strong charismatic leader, usually a warrior, a military leader, who is so loved that he (or she) is given total control of the entire nation, in order to lead that nation to supposed glory, or save the motherland, save the fatherland, re-establish the nation and its people as the rulers of the world, etc.

Fascism is just another form of total-controlism, and all total-controlists will use flags, militarism, and tend to rally behind strong leaders, charismatic figures.

Autocracy is just another word for rule by the rich and powerful, just like

Plutocracy/Oligarchy is rule by the rich/elites...

Aristocracy by those who are of noble bloodlines, royal heritage, etc, or the traditional and established ruling class (the nobility).

Militarism is rule by and for the military... often directly connected to Fascism, which tend to be Military Dictatorships.

Dictatorship is rule by a strong-ruler, a single individual with all the say, who makes every decision, sometimes called a "Strong Man."

Mysticracy is the rule by seers/mystics or by mystical teachings.

Theocracy is rule by priests or direct rulership by a god or messianic figure, a priest-king, and tends to be very socially conservative. Theocracies of the past have strong and charismatic religious leaders, they are very militaristic and fascist-like, but use religion and religious-patriotism in place of purely political-social rally-points. Theocracy is about God or a spiritual teaching at the center of every citizens life, and at the center of society itself.

Statisocracy is to achieve social-political stasis, permanence, cultural and stylistic/fashionistic fixation (say a nation that is perpetually stuck in the 1950s Americana), intentional stagnation or anti-progress. This need not be technological stagnation, as technology is required to maintain a social-political-religious cultural stasis.

Feudalism/Monarchism is rule by a king or queen, a supreme leader, supported by and in lordship over noble families and appointed noble leaders (dukes, barons, viceroys, etc.), who oversee certain areas (counties, towns, districts, etc.), and in which the average people are the property of the ruling class (nobles and royal family), and are basically servants and slaves, owning nothing, but allowed certain things to subsist (very basically) on... skilled people achieve higher status, and those who do great deeds are often elevated in station to the nobility.

There are many other forms of government dreamt up by humans... Urianocracy is its own thing, with elements of several listed above, covered at length in the last section of The Ahyeh -- the goal of creating a divine kingdom and mystical kingdom on Earth, and elevating humanity, creating angelic-humanity... and a galactic (cosmic) empire of epic and majestic power and glory.

Urianocracy has theocratic, mysticratic, socially-conservative, and militaristic elements... envisioned as a society of both law/tradition but also of compassion (balance) with communal and democratic-republic concepts.


The Spirit of Babylon or Great Harlot = Liberalism, Progressivism, Leftism... Libertas, Lady Reason, Ishtar-Inanna, Lilith, Semiramis, Salome and Jezebel, sensualism, spiritual whoredom (being a spiritual harlot with no faithfulness to any given path), worldliness, secularism... the unholy feminine.

The Spirit of the Beast = Materialistic Conservativism/Financial Conservatives, Neo-Cons, Hyper-Machoism, worship of Mammon/Materialism, disregard for the poor, for nature, and the afflicted... hard heartedness. The unholy masculine.

The Image of the Beast = AI + Internet -- the living internet, as a reflection of The World and Worldliness.

The Mark of the Beast = Implants, chips, neural links, as well godless and unholy genetic corruption, inner allegiance to godlessness, secularism, and general amoralism (the inner mark), worship of AI and the world.

The False Prophet -- can represent many things, multi-layered... Left and Right... the uni-party... corrupted religion, Catholicism and Protestantism (the dark lamb).... is also the union of Babylon and the Beast in a sense, bringing about the global state, the rise of AI-internet (the False God/Anti-Messiah). Materialistic Flesh-Worship Religion.

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