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What Is Wokeism?

Updated: Jun 10, 2023


WHAT WE OPPOSE Both parties in the United States, as with most political parties in the secular (humanistic) west, are rather godless, beyond a mere shallow and superficial depth. Surely, one side acknowledges God more than the other, but more often uses God as a justification or manipulative ploy. One side advocates patriotism, flag waving to the point of idolatry, using patriotism as a ploy to get people to blindly obey the will of the elites, the Military Industrial Complex (the business of war). Still, now, both political sides, the political class, have now chased after war together, each hoping to gain something for their agendas, which are, ultimately one agenda... the agenda of darkness... The agenda of darkness? The enslavement and degeneration of humanity, eternal war, unending division, the increase of power for themselves. Both sides now work as a uni-party in some respects, to keep us blind, too keep us from seeing beyond our own borders, beyond the two agendas which are one flanking maneuver in a mind-soul war, coming round from two sides, but as one army in the cause of mental-spiritual-political-social darkness. Yet, if they are two devils, the one permits the acknowledgement of God, the worship of God, even as it uses God/religion to control and turn humanity toward its goals, rather than the goals of the Divine. The goal of the Divine? The increase in connection to The Divine, the movement of all things upward/outward/out, you and the world as a whole, the entire universe, toward realization, realness, actualization, awakening, balance, truth and thus true light, love, but love that is truth and love that is eternal... and indeed, eternity itself, the desire to possess it and become it -- immortal beings, a named and real being'ness, an anchor in the madness of the infinite. What is the Woke we oppose? In this we are saying only, we oppose the Social Marxism of what is commonly called the extreme political/social left -- e.g. Communism, as in Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, Oppression... As so-called Wokism/Wokeism or Wokeists oppose religion, God, natural morality, the Divine Goal, as they push the castration and sterilization of children, the burning of churches, the increase in lawlessness, seeking to empower all things low and vulgar and disorderly and bizarre, and utterly depraved... Seeking to normalize everything considered from the most ancient times to be godless and abomination -- so that it is permitted for them even to have sex with children, and with animals and corpses, and mutilate and sexualize children, so that the veneration of Satan/Adversary/godlessness is promoted in the schools themselves... so we must oppose this and denounce Wokeism. That they despise marriage, despise children, that they will only to kill (sacrifice) and castrate children, despise family as an idea and a unit... despise people for their very race, seeking segregation, seeking to raise one race over another, to seat not only one race over others, but also to seat all that is low and foul and unholy and degenerate and criminal over all peoples and nations, and use every deception of care for the earth or care for the oppressed as an excuse to usher in this Satanic global hellscape... this we must oppose. As they seek to force us to consume that which is unclean, to take into our bodies that which alters our very genetic makeup and corrupts us with spikey aberrations, so that we are slightly shifted out of God's image, and by chemicals biologically sterilize and/or feminize males.... this we must oppose. In the name of equity, they promote utter misogyny, a caricature of women, a hate of the feminine, even as they cloth themselves in a mockery of the feminine, and strip from actual females their rights and their glory in a bizarre form of extreme chauvinism bent on degrading and dominating females and claiming the natural privileges of women for themselves... this we must oppose. As they seek to disarm the population that they might more easily oppress and strip the population of their natural and divine rights, and usher in an Anarcho-Tyrannical abomination -- moral and civil lawlessness on the one hand, bizarre and unnatural oppressions on the other, godlessness in totality, so we must oppose it. Who Is The Real Enemy? Yet, be not deceived -- as the opposition party is all about token resistance, controlled opposition, the pretense of resistance, while, in substance, in actual actions, assisting The Agenda.

Behind all of it is the same group of elites, the same secret societies, the same super-structure of international and national global leaders. The way of the Black Cube, the way of eternal war and oppression, the incarnations/finger-puppets of devilish powers, evil in heavenly (sky/space/etheric) places. Whether called Bilderberg, the World Economic Forum or Davos crowd, whether working in the United Nations or the World Health Organization, whether glorifying Communist China as the global example of good governance, or pushing a Green Agenda -- it is all just the same group of initiates, training and educating and putting their agents into positions of power, whether as Lawless District Attorneys, the heads of government agencies, or in local school boards... etc. etc. Most of them, the members of the inner circle, are the super-rich and/or influential (aka thought leaders) of our global society -- the rulers of financial kingdoms, empires of the financial world.... working now to bring every corporation and nation into submission to their dark agenda, via things like DEI and ESG. We can divide them into various sects, but in the end, it is all the same dark esoterica, the same black path cult. They call their god Moloch or Baal, or Lucifer or Satan, or even Saturn as lord of the tyranny of time... They are the black brotherhood, the black pathers, the dark light, desiring domination, a New Feudal Age, a return to the age of kings and queens, pharaohs, and warlords, when peasants (the people) were property, chattel, to be ruled absolutely.

They don't necessarily believe in demons, but in their secret inner-most circles, they certainly encounter them, directly if initiated deeply enough, and are invested with them. It is the ideal of mankind (the number of man), the ruling elite, overcoming and overthrowing God, by ridding us (collectively) of all that is associated with the traditional ideas of God, by corrupting and stomping out all notions of God and godliness, a personal relationship with a loving and just deity. They especially hate the notion of Jesus (e.g., salvation from this world), and have also shut down all true Gnostic teachings (aka teachings about escaping the world) across the centuries -- as they wish no escape from this circle of hell... They, as in their unseen masters within them, ever work to keep spirits imprisoned here... imprisoned in their soul farm, their loosh (emotional energy) ranch.

These hidden elite groups, that delve into the deepest darkest secrets and workings of anti-spirit, The Dark One, the Shadow of God... harvesting personal power (psychic energies) from our suffering, and more so, from the suffering the innocent -- for that which is most pure generates, when in pain or fear, the strongest energies (thus a reason why the unseen lords love cattle mutiliations). They are vampiric psychopaths (see how they venerate undeath and vampires), delighting in the agony of other living things... and wish to be able to operate with impunity, without answering to The People, let alone to a God of judgement and justice... and for the most part they do operate with impunity... as even believing that such groups exist, is now easily dismissed, rejected by the brainwashed popular culture as so much conspiracy. The human masters of their dark arts, pass from body to body (walk ins) and know not true death or reset. Do you know how often conspiracy theories prove to be true, over the long haul of history? Brainwashing, through controlled media, convincing the masses to reject anything that would reveal or expose the puppet masters, the real agenda, the men (and women) behind the curtain. Antifa, the Woke Mobs, they are just foot soldiers, who don't even realize that they are being manipulated, used... they certainly are led by those who do, if posing as members of their little cell-groups.... without realizing it, many are being led to their own spiritual and literal imprisonment, as the entire planet is and is ever more so a psychic-soul prison. I am not immune... no, we are all corrupted... we are all cowed now. Who is really rebelling? There are a few lights, a few victories, but they will always be subverted, corrupted, infiltrated, and turned to serve The Agenda. Left and Right are just the left and right hands of the same devil. The Right may let you keep your guns, as safety blankets, that protect you from nothing, as they are still taking over everything, and doing what they will... the controlled opposition making you think you have won this little battle or that, to distract you from the course of the actual spiritual-political-social war that is being lost.

Totalitarianism is descending, and all these "accountability" shows in the Congress or various Parliaments, are theater, because no one is ever really held accountable for defying the Constitution or ushering in totalitarian policies. The People may protest and then fall silent; but the shows, the drama plays, make you think there is accountability. They all belong to the same clubs, they are all still owned by the same masters, the corporate puppets of unseen powers.

Even the churches now are bending the knee, corrupted from within by the want of approval -- hucksters posing as ministers to make money, win friends and influence people. Tax exemption, granted to religions that play along, is a tax shelter. What can be done? Our hope is not here, it never was. This world is a prison. Its leaders are devils. Yet, as in Gnostic (escape the world/flesh/reincarnation) teachings of the past, so Urianism is making no headway, we are utterly hemmed in and stifled... powerless, ineffectual... the few find us, and try... but I've seen this over and over, how members are caught up in the world, distracted, pulled down, and the goal, the outcome is not, for them, worth the effort. In the Qlippothic Tree (the Tree of Death) there are demonic entities whose entire job it is, to distract and disrupt, whenever a soul reaches for eternity -- a sheep starts to wander out of the pasture. So, most will just return, and will ultimately think it their own will and desire... they will be convinced, not here, but in those etheric strongholds of the world powers (the puppet masters, the owners of the ranch/farm/vineyard). Sheep or goats, we are shepherded, livestock, sheered and herded into corals, given pastures to graze in (the illusion of freedom). The seven devotions, individuation... the world will descend into shadow and humanity will become a race of darkness... You, however, strive! Climb, no matter your sins or short comings (I have my own, certainly), claw your way up toward the surface, swim for your life toward the limitless living light. DO NOT allow the spike proteins into your body! If you have already received, strive to cleanse yourself physically and spiritually, consistently, but throw yourself down before God each day, invest in your soul and spiritual life, and build that relationship with God all the harder, all the more intensely, as you are now weighted down in these dark waters and are drowning in this apsu. The world is doomed. You don't need to be. God is the only way out, the Supreme Spirit, the Highest Lord, the True Power, the Trans-Universal Being, the Doorway to the Infinite, the Road to Immortality. Walk it! Work it! Day in and day out.

I am a sinner man, and I am a saint in the grace of God... grace is magnified toward us as we make God our friend and companion. If you still don't understand what Woke is and why/what about it we oppose, well, ummmm.................. We are few and again fewer, and those who have wandered off, we will not likely see again in other times, they will not reach that distant promise land.... but we should pray for them anyway. It is not about how many, it's about you, the individual, and whether you will escape this prison, or continue on the gerbil wheel forever, round and round, chasing yourself but never reaching you.

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