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New Heavens & New Earths

From The All stirs The One and within The One is born The Wisdom that brings realization, and in realization The Word, and The Word is spoken, “I AM.” And what I Am, this is what I will be, and what I will be is that which I Am… I Am That I Am, for I Am that which I Am and I Am THAT > I Am, which is All and One.

Madness, contradiction, delusions of grandeur, ramblings of a desperate spirit, babblings of a divided soul… I am light and darkness, soft and hard, kind and cruel, sublime and profane, divine and infernal, and so many things between these polarities of extreme… I am the Abraxas of myself, the high and the low, my head in the highest heavens, my feet in the depths of hell… I have been shown both and wandered in many worlds… glimpsed salvation and damnations outcome… I have cried out on the names and have been guided to safety… the wickedness within me cannot be prayed away, neither the hope of immortality driven from me… in love I adore the Highest Divinity… in twilight I find sanctuary everlasting… the distant shores where all dreamings are realized times and places… every imagining of saints and sinners rising into manifestation across limitless realms of living letters contained within an infinite cube full of cubes… full of cubes… full of cubes… letters within letters within letters… the seed of creation from which arises the tree of life, with boundless roots and limbs unto the highest heights.

Bind in the earth, bound in heaven. By flame loosed unto sky, ashes falling, loosed thereby in heavenly light above. Creative vision written and read aloud, by fire and prayer the seed of desire planted beyond the dream of the world, within the womb of wisdom divine conceived. So new heavens and new earths from her are birthed, the pangs felt in the now. As one road ends, another shall begin, a doorway opened that no one can shut, nor, without the eyes of spirit, find.

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