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Letter From God

Updated: May 7, 2023

Autowriting by Uriah

– 5/6/2023 –

Response to Question: How to deal with other religious people?

Sent to Rev. Raethan for Publication

In the name of Jesus Christ, I swear I AM Yahweh El Elyon, the Lord God Most High – Immanuel, God With You.

In regard to dealing with other religions, you cannot enter into a debate with the fanatic of another religion, for their goal is never fellowship on common ground, but only to rip your beliefs off the altar of your soul, and use fear, overwhelming emotion, and word-war to beat down your resistance to their view, until, exhausted and afraid, you surrender to their psychic and verbal assault.

The Urian who would preach or teach must first be fully rooted and conversant in their own teachings. They must be confident, settled into, and comfortable in their own perspective. An unsure, uncommitted, or half-hearted Urian will be easy prey to a psychic/verbal spiritual assault, and subject to conquest thereby.

Understand that there is no more or less reality in a belief or religious conviction, one over another, than what individuals and groups of individuals bring to it.

Islamic zealots, by their mere zealotry, are no more or less correct than Jewish zealots or Christian zealots or Pagan zealots or Satanic zealots or Atheist zealots, etcetera, etcetera. It is their zealous passion and vehement insistence, that theirs is the end and the beginning, the whole and the one, absolute truth and way to God, or to their god, that overwhelms you, seeking to force all other people to conform and comply; and this is, in some sense, the Holy War Eternal. The war for hearts and minds, souls, waged from times immemorial, between the gods (idols) of peoples, nations, tribes, and sects. It is a struggle of ideas and of spiritual intelligences in heavenly places, played out among earthlings, and from which both atrocity and majesty flow.

Who is right or wrong? This is part of the reason why you are there, on Earth, and it is not so small a choice, or battle – the future of humanity and of your own spiritual outcome depend upon what you choose.

The most courageous, committed, serious-minded, and resolved thought-faction will mold change and outcomes for humanity, at the level of the collective unconscious.

For you, the individual, you can but trust your heart voice, and pray to be guided by Truth’s spirit, Wisdom’s source. You must put your heart and will toward what thought-faction works to create the future that is best for humanity and the Earth, according to your own inner conscience of what is right or wrong.

You must strive with all your might to achieve for yourself the eternal goals and outcomes for your soul that you most sincerely desire to achieve.

In most paths, is an eventual dead end for the individual identity, or soul. No matter the window dressing (pretense or disguise) the soul finds itself led to recycling, and/or residence in a dark purgatory, as a rotting residual image (aka ghost).

Many reach a heavenly place, a paradise, only to be convinced to recycle, and no soul (identity) recycles, but only the spiritual essence, the seed-pattern, returns to live again in the illusion of flesh.

You cannot stand against a psychic-spiritual warrior who is more rooted and confident and well-versed in his or her perspective than you are in yours.

It is easier to be confident in an ancient authority, than in a new voice… Though nothing was, that is not still. Modern people are longer lived, better educated, and have a broader understanding of the world, the universe, biology, and the mind than ancient primitive visionaries had… Yet, with age, teachings, revelations gain authority in the hearts of humanity, rooting in the collective unconscious of the human herd.

You cannot argue the Bible if you know not the Biblical history, theology, and the words written within the text. You cannot argue the Quran if you know not the Quran… moreover its history and cultural roots, including the history that fanatical believers would never dare to look at or consider.

You put value in the ancient texts, yet they are no different than the fables, myths, legends of other peoples and civilizations. Yes, they are valued, revered differently – but critically, practically, factually, no more or less provable.

Was Hercules a fable, but Samson real – because the one is a Greek myth, and the other is a Jewish myth? Was Utnapishtim fiction, but Noah real? Which came first, the Sumerian or the Jewish flood myth? Was Akhenaten real, but Moses false?

What makes the gods of Greece or Rome, less real or less provable than the God of the Jews or Arabs?

It is your faith, zeal, your choice and your will that decides for you… the collective union of peoples sharing common views, values, spiritual visions, agreed moral ideals, that gives power to a thought-faction.

You are a Urian if you read its book, study its ways, agree with its ideals, and aspire to its promises. You are a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Pagan, a Satanist, a Wokist, an Atheist in the same way.

I AM THAT I AM. I will not change. I AM the anchor of infinity, the nexus of eternity. I AM beyond human notions of good and evil, time and space. I AM beyond gender, neither male nor female, and beyond mere light or dark. I AM Truth and Wholeness. I AM ONE.

In this messenger, I call you to the immortal life, new heavens and earths, the infinite and eternal realms beyond mere all-or-nothing thinking.

I AM THAT I AM calls you to come into realized being as Pinocchio becoming real boys and girls… or not, your choice.

Choose… stop casting pearls to swine, treasures to dogs… argue not your belief versus theirs… as if one can prove a belief, a hoped-for thing, an investment of mind and spirit that manifests an outcome in a realm of mind and spirit.

It is folly, also, to argue priestly arts (magic), when you are not supposed to use such tools unless you are a priest (or priestess) … you who cannot differentiate between profane and holy, vain and sacred, magical arts and priestly theurgy. If you’ve not done the required training, and the studies, have not even conformed to the ways taught to a basic believer, why are you risking your soul playing, dabbling in such things? Such things can destroy the unsanctified, the dis-integrated, and bring only an increase in confusion and heresy into the faith.

So, my beloved ones, seek out the way of the Fire and Light of God (aka Divine Truth), as it is given, or not at all… And argue not your belief, lest first you are rooted and versed there within it, or you will be easily overcome by opposition to it.

Peace Be Unto You

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May 07, 2023

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