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Updated: May 11, 2023

2 Timothy 4:2-4

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

1 Timothy 4:8:

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Revelation 3:15-16:

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Monologue 21: Divided Allegiance Is Worthless

You cannot say with your mouth, “I am a Christian,” and then do, say, or stand for that which is abhorrent to Christ, or for that which undermines what Christ taught to men and women, that they might overcome the gods and ways of the world. (1) You cannot love the world and love God, (2) for you cannot serve two masters.

The world and the earth are not the same thing. May God deliver the earth from the world!

The Immanuel Spirit has worn the faces of all who come in the name of God and God’s righteousness – Zoroaster, Moses, Jesus, Baba Rabba, Muhammad, Nanak Dev Ji, and the Bab. Every true prophet of the true God, has the spirit of God-Is-With-Us within him or her. Yet, the world or the followers of the Spirit of God-Is-With-Us do not recognize him/it/she from age to age, guise to guise; and those who believed in one era then kill the manifestation of The Word in the next.

The earth and the world are not, in truth, the same thing at all. One is natural and the other is unnatural.

You cannot say, "I am a Muslim," and then—by your deeds and with other words and in different company—walk in the ways of the false-gods.

You cannot say in one moment, "I am a Jew," but then in the next moment reject the very things that Abraham and Moses taught you. For what is Jewishness without The Lord?

You cannot declare, "I am a Sikh," and then go forth as a pagan. Or say, "I am a Samaritan," but live then as a heathen child of sensual and materialistic expressions.

No man is a Christian when he is not in harmony with Christ's will and vision, or at very least in agreement therewith.

No woman is a Jew by ignoring the commandments of the true King of Israel. No person is a Muslim who behaves as an enemy of man and works as if a servant of Iblis. (3)

You are a servant of God when you put God's will, words, and ways above your own will, word, and way; and such are they who are welcomed by The Star (4) of their faith into a kingdom of light, at the end of their earthly days.

The half-hearted, the lukewarm, those that serve lesser masters, never get beyond the veils of the earth and sky (3); and temporary paradises, at best, shall each find, and then soul's death, and too the replanting of a nigh blank spirit into new cells within a fleshly prison of amnesia and matter.

You cannot be a man or woman of animal-demonic soul and be of God's Spirit. You cannot hang a picture of Jesus on your wall, with the image of a marijuana leaf next to it – for then you are of divided heart and of two masters. Which will you choose, the non-god of avarice, dependency, and apathy, or the Lord of Living Light (5), who wishes to free you from fleshly attachments and lead you to a life without false-idols?

You cannot crave violence and lust for blood, wanton in cruelty and enamored with chaos or carnage, and then bow down in submission within the mosques to the God of Holiness, Goodness, and Divine Justice. For you are then a son or daughter of the Destroyer, and worse than this you are a hypocrite.

The truth is painful for those who live in self-deception. Yet, those who embrace it shall find healing in spirit, even forever – for the truth liberates.

Note 1: 1 John 2:15

Note 2: James 4:4, John 12:25

Note 3: Iblis is the Islamic face of the Devil – a Jinn (fire elemental) and companion of angels, who exercised free will to refuse to serve mankind, when commanded by God. He has been an enemy of humanity since that time.

Note 4: Stars are angels and angels are stars – in a metaphoric or symbolic sense... though in some way it is also literal.

Note 5: Lucifer is Self-Light, calling souls to look away from The Living Light… Uriel represents, “Light of God,” not the, “The Light is Myself.”


I've been more than a little on edge lately. Frankly, I've been downright stressed out -- full of anxiety, despair, loneliness, and wrestling with my Shadow (personal demons if you prefer). Much of this is rooted in the fact, that the longer my wife is gone, the more I miss her, but also, the more I feel the absence of love and affection, companionship. In part, also, the state of the world, the rapidity with which The Agenda is steaming forward, the fact that billions of spirits (not just souls) are facing a possible dead end, no more reincarnation, no more chances, and that The Agenda is being ever more shoved in our faces, giving us fewer and fewer choices to resist it. My financial situation is imperiled as well, perhaps due to the government targeting me for special attention (wonder why?). Then there is the fact that after spending thousands of dollars, tens of thousands of man-hours, and a great deal of prayer, I am increasingly faced with the reality that Urianism is rather stagnant, at least the community.

There are hundreds of hits and views on Rev. Raethan's videos, and activity on the community counter, and we have grown our membership as well... Yet, whoever is watching all the videos, listening to the podcast, visiting and/or joining the community, are not participating in the life and fellowship of the Faith. Worse still, the few active members we have, seem to have missed the parts in The Ahyeh that there is no such thing as being "sorta Urian." You either are, or you're not a Urian.

I was recently accused of getting angry when people don't agree with me. Perhaps. But, every religion of the past has become diluted and apostate (false) because "believers" change the teachings to suit their own desires and opinions. The law of modern people seems to be, "Do As Thou Wilt," and anything that tells people, "Thou Shalt Not," is dismissed and ignored.

Why are there thousands of different Christian denominations? Why is Judaism a secular-liberal culture more than an actual religion, having pretty much disowned their god, Yahweh, and thrown out all of his teachings? Indeed, Bahai is a very socially conservative teaching, but in practice, its followers are almost all very left-wing liberals, who work for and support world government. Bahai is very nearly the official religion of the UN.

Urians are far and few between, obviously, but our hopes have always rested in the decades and centuries ahead. YET, our prophecies are clear -- that we can fail... Mankind has two roads to choose from, working toward a thousand years of light or a thousand years of darkness... So far, all indicators are, humanity is going to evolve into a race of darkness, not light -- a vulgar and twisted, warped and defiled people, without god, without natural affection, living forever as literal beings of living darkness.

I've noticed that into our own ranks, Satan has arrived, in the form of a Rebellious Spirit, so that when our teachings are quoted or pointed out as reproof and correction, they are denied and ignored, even angrily rebuffed, in favor of personal opinion. As in many liberalized churches, unconditional grace is now elevated over responsibility, or ahead of obedience to God's will and word. Indeed, in most churches of 'the world' that same spiritual prince that governed Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon and Rome, has gained dominance, as most mainstream churches have embraced the ideals of the Cult of Woke (CoW - golden calf). How many stood against the vex of corruption? On the contrary, with a small minority of congregations, we nearly alone have remained a faith for the Purebloods (the beginnings of homo-angelicus?).

We are not a tyrannical organization, but I see the writing on the wall, and it, at times, this moves me to try to fix it -- as with this post... and this paints me as a controlling tyrant I suppose (a religious zealot - which I am, without apology).

I must state, that our teachings, our Twenty Laws, are non-negotiable, fixed.

Spiritual whoredom, is a secondary but ongoing problem. Instructed to study many things, to gain a wider view, I've seen many people chase after this and that, with divided allegiance, and divided commitment, and believing that those things we study as tools in our tool box, somehow trump our own teachings and principles. Those religions and mysteries have not led many souls out of the trap of reincarnation, and often seem more concerned with mental health (cliché catch phrases and psychological tricks) and developing better coping skills in the here and now. Urianism trains your soul to self-actualize, become integrated with and the face of your spirit, to make you a spirit being -- your body is merely the cocoon in which your immortal soul is being grown.

There is little that can be done, given the current situation. Just putting it out there... No one is getting off the wheel of reincarnation, no one is going to do any better than a short stay in a temporary local heaven, at best, as things stand -- beyond maybe three or four members at most. There is no point in the path, if you really have no will or desire to attain its promises. We are not Christians, that you can recite some magic words and automatically qualify for eternity... not that I really think Jesus ever taught that at all... the first Christians lived an entire lifestyle, very different from modern Christianity.



If you are of the world, you will return unto the world, and you do not deserve the prize, but only to remain here on the wheel forever.





Galatians 4:7

Therefore you are no longer a slave, but if a son, then an heir through God.

Monologue 65: Idealism vs. Reality - Page 281:

If you can do this, the thousand-year reign of Immanuel begins (12).I will set before you the path and the method by which to achieve this goal.

Much of what I will instruct may seem strange or strict; but try to see the bigger picture, the dominos set into motion and the overall intent behind each aspect of the Kingdom Government that I shall reveal.

The Kingdom is not about the will of man. Rather, it is about the will of God, and the greater good of humanity and the earth.

Timidity, laziness, corruption, hypocrisy, and wishy-washy idealistic guilt shall defeat the Faithful. If defeated, then for 1,000 years mankind will sink into the abyss of depravity and dehumanization, even unto the extinction of the entire species.

So it is, I will say what I will say. You can accept or deny it, hate it or love it, but I will say it anyway; and glorious are the champions who arise, with scepters of iron in their hands, to manifest The Kingdom among men (13).

Peace Be Upon You

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