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The Chosen Ones

Updated: May 11, 2023

The voice within has put it upon me for a while to share this short thought, but seemed to small to warrant an entire post. Still, I will, being me, elaborate on it. Spirit says: The only chosen people are those who choose to obey God. In Elaboration (from inner conversation): The chosen center their lives on God's will. The chosen make a relationship with the Divine the center of their lives. The chosen are more concerned with eternity, than with temporal existence in the world. A chosen people would be a society centered on divine and ascendant principles. A chosen nation are a people reaching for righteousness, godliness, a transcendent goal. "Blood is thicker than water,' says the voice, 'but spirit endures long after blood has turned to ashes and dust." Spirit reminds me to say clearly: Being chosen has nothing to do with when or where you were born, your astrological sign or numerological stats, whether you are rich or poor, what race or ethnicity you are, how short or tall, fat or thin, how pretty or not, whether you are an alpha or a disabled person... It's only about establishing, maintaining, and striving to strengthen and deepen your personal relationship with God, and trying your best to further God's causes in this world. In juxtaposition, you will know those who are false, by their opposition or dissent in regards to this principle. The Programmed/NPCs: Most people are chosen, without their knowledge, and as part of their unconscious programming, to play certain roles and carry out certain tasks while on Earth... most often it can be as small a task as being in the right time and place at a particular moment. Such programming is a System Function of our reality, and many are those who are allotted an evil or destructive role, as part of the domino effect of history. The generation of drama is primary among the vain powers -- their ultimate goal being to push God and the influence of God's angels out of the world (so that none of their livestock ever escape). In this idea, being chosen means simply that most people are preset to carry out the will of something, that may or may not be good... There are many powers and lords in the Astral World, and most human spirits came into this world from their abodes and continue to serve them while in this world and will return to their masters hereafter: Psalm 86:8, Exodus 12:12, Numbers 33:4, Exodus 20:3, Deuteronomy 5:7, Exodus 23:32-33, Daniel 10 (Prince of Israel, Prince of Persia), Psalm 82, Isaiah 14:13-14, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 Corinthians 8:5-6. To be a chosen of God, means to go against the programming of nature and the world, and claw your way up the mountain of The Lord. Yet, we are not alone in this work, for the angels and saints of The One are here, and they are real living people, just behind the veil of this dreaming, trying to help us all along the way, whispering to our subconscious ear (subliminally), to give us encouragement in the cause, and fighting battles on our behalf just behind the curtain. Our view of the Messiah Spirit, even of Jesus, is the human face(s) of God throughout history, trying to lift and drag and prod and coerce and encourage us up that mountain, acting as mediators, advocates, and our spiritual family, a spirit nation and tribes thereof, centered on our liberation and ultimate salvation. We, as Urians, are asked to work out our salvation, but also to work with the invisible tribes of the True & Eternal Israel (Holy Land) to carry out the great work of guiding souls to safe shores. The True Israel: Ascendant or Heavenly Israel is made up of the souls and spirits of the chosen people (as per the definition above) across time, cultures and nations. The Children of the Most High, gathered from the ages, as individuals and groups of individuals, seeking to lift God's banner over the world and within the hearts of humankind (God With and Within Us), and guide humanity to the transcendent course. They are those who work to put the Divine Will/Word at the heart of their lives, their families, their communities and nations, and have never been silenced by the Powers & Princes of the world, despite every effort (subtle and gross) to gag and suppress the living light of the eternal. The twelve spiritual tribes of heavenly Israel, are gathered from among the nations; but it is true also, that the monotheistic prophets of ancient Israel were a door by which the message of The One God was transmitted to all peoples... Through Israel even the Christian gospel and ideal was transmitted (John 4:22). It can even be argued that Islam and Bahai both derive from the Judeo-Christian root/filter/worldview (Abraham), and indeed, that Judaism itself cross-pollinated with ancient Zoroastrian ideals. Urianism rises from the same root, with the goal of literally creating a process of transformation and naturalization into the Kingdom Come. Psalm 51:15-19, 1 Samuel 15:22, Romans 11:11-31, Revelation 21:9-27 https://youtu.be/AIRUs_qtEjs

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