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Urian Priesthood

Updated: May 6, 2023

2 Timothy 4:1-5

I give you this charge:

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage—with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.

If I tell you what you want to hear, give you license to cut every corner and take every shortcut, permission to do whatever you want, just to please you and make you like me, or convince you to stay a Urian -- then I am no longer serving God, but men.

* * * * * * *

The Urian vision of priesthood is a futuristic dream. In truth, there are only two priests - Raethan and myself. Julia, my wife, was a priestess in fullest bloom, but she has passed on, although is still with us in spirit. The path to priesthood is a difficult one, to say the least, intended only for those who would live a life set apart from the world, walking a road that is strange and contrary to worldly desires and goals.

Among our selves we have created a class of lay ministers, called Reverends, who are those that enjoy evangelizing, or spreading the word, and this will always make up the majority of our clergy-members, I would imagine; that is, members/believers who also spread the teachings and try to teach the message to others. Even being a Reverend or Minister, is difficult at best, as we live in irreligious and anti-religious times, here in the West, when most now only worship themselves, or follow a religion of self, embracing values that are rooted in flesh and worldliness rather than the divine.

Yet, our standard of priesthood is actually quite liberal, in some regards, compared to many ancient requirements within both monotheistic and polytheistic faiths.

The Jewish, Levitical and Aaronic priesthood required that one be born into it, and such was a life of strict ritualistic observances of physical and spiritual cleanliness, absolute devotion and service, a life centered on the religion and the state; though also providing members certain privileges and honors, that average people did not receive. Even today, Rabbis (Jewish clergy) undergo a great deal of training and education, and must demonstrate intimate knowledge of the scriptures and commentaries. In Orthodox or Hasidic circles, earning the title of Rabbi is nothing that is taken lightly in the least, requiring many years of study and training. Jews in general also live by many life rules and strictures, including Kosher laws that require them to abstain from things like pork and shellfish, and Orthodox Jews are especially observant of these codes of conduct.

From times immemorial, there have always been laws against Jews marrying non-Jews, requiring at very least, that the non-Jew undergo conversion to the faith. This was carried over into Christianity as well, and still devout Catholic and Orthodox Christians often require a man or woman to convert to the faith before the Church will bless the union.

In like, early Christians as a whole were fanatically devout, so much so that many were almost suicidal in their passionate missionary labors, refusing to be silenced even in the face of horrific death... hoping that by being murdered for their Lord Jesus they would more quickly reach eternity. Yet, even in daily life, early Christians in Jerusalem lived and worked communally (See Acts Chapter 2 and Chapter 4), practiced daily ritual bathing (Didache), and attended daily services in the temple of Yahweh in Jerusalem... They were full of the Holy Spirit, demonstrating many miraculous gifts, according to the Book of Acts, and yet, also followed Jewish Laws and observances.

The apostles of that time were men full of supernatural power, and early disciples under their tutelage and sponsorship became missionaries of renown -- but almost all were killed in due course, for their beliefs. The Christian scriptures set down clear instructions/rules for elders, deacons, and overseers of the early Church (See: Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7), and Paul encouraged celibacy among converts and laid down many laws regarding marriage.

The Cult of Mithras was very popular among the ancient Romans, and as Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire, the Cult of Christ and the Cult of Mithras, as well as the Cult of Isis and the Cult of Saturn, intermingled, as the early pagan converts to Christianity kept many of their polytheistic Roman beliefs and practices, but Christianized them (overwrote them and changed them from pagan to Christian practices)... even as pagan holy sites were consecrated unto the new god of the Empire, Jesus Christ. Still, just your average Christian of those times, was usually a person of great conviction and courage, because early converts faced dire consequences for their faith.

There were several types of Christian sects/denominations that developed in those early years of Christianity, who were often in conflict with one another, and that conflict would even become violent at times. Gnostics, Arians, Nestorians, Melchizedekians, and of course, Catholics (Universals). The Nicene Creed, the Councils of Nicaea established the Universal Church (Catholic) and most competing sects were stamped out, over time, and the priesthood of the Catholic faith evolved -- in some respects very reflective of the Levite ideal, but having absorbed the Mithrian ideas also, with many of the titles and the internal organization of Mithraism. At first priests could marry, but as the centuries past, the virginal priesthood, based in part on the writings of Paul, and in part on the old Roman pagan priestly ideals, evolved. Men set apart unto God and God alone, with women (nuns) set apart as Brides of Christ.

If you study the clergy of Zoroastrianism and Islam, you will further discover strict conditions and training regimens, requirements of education and practice, observance and ritual.... But always, there is a requirement to marry within their own faith, where marriage is permitted at all.

As our faith is small, at present, we permit that one shouldst marry believers in God (even of other faiths), who will not restrict or impede the Urian's free expression of their faith. Yet, with the Covid-crisis, and the subsequent vaccinations, we have an additional crimp in this figurative rug. Time has proven our reluctance and suspicions correct, but now we must ask ourselves, where we stand on the mingling of pure bloods (non-GMO) with those whose bodies/blood is full of spike proteins (the unclean). Sexual intercourse between a vaccinated and an unvaccinated person, will of course introduce bodily fluids (with the spike proteins) into bodies of the unvaccinated.

In consultation with The Spirit, it has been said that the vexed might yet be saved, through great devotion and repentance, rites of cleansing, and by denouncing the vaccine and refusing all further boosters.... But this does not eliminate the fact that the pureblood person will be tainted and rendered spiritually, if not physically, unclean in receiving bodily fluids from a vaxed person.

I will not rule on this, but will leave it to the consensus of present and future Urians to determine. At present, my understanding is that those who are vaxed cannot enter into the immortal life, but will be, at very least, reincarnated, and perhaps simply face oblivion, without intercession.

This intercessory aspect is permitted for clergy, because of their great devotion unto God, and the sacrifices they make to become priests or priestesses, in likeness to the way a priest in Catholicism assigns penance or prayers and grants sacred absolution via confession. Moreover, the early church practiced something called, "The Baptism of the Dead (1 Corinthians 15:29)," by which a person who has died in sin without grace, can be saved from Purgatory by someone being baptized on their behalf (in sense becoming a stand in and receiving a surrogate baptism).

Yet, for priesthood, a man or woman of the faith is asked to marry only someone of the faith, and more than this, to forsake child bearing. Now, each Urian should pursue the full course of education within The Ahyeh, and once children are grown, it is permitted to then enter into the priesthood. Yet, the ideal situation is for clergy to intermarry, in future days, that they may be evenly yoked and work together for The Faith and The Kingdom.

In my heart, the priestly license to marry seems more in line with the Rabbinical, Levitical, Aaronic, and original Catholic standard, as well as the present Orthodox standard. Clerics within Islam marry, as do clergy within Zoroastrianism. Yet, Paul warns us that those who marry are distracted, by their commitments to their wives and kids, and their divided attention undermines the work of the would-be apostle. However, in the histories of Israel, the children of the priests enjoyed privileges thereby, and became corrupted and lawless (spoiled). In The Kingdom, as we envision it, the Urian priesthood would occupy position of honor and privilege, both in a civil sense, but also a governmental/political sense as well.

More than this, however, the goal of priesthood is ascendance -- that is, when the body dies, the soul shall ascend unto The One and be transformed therein, achieving the union of soul with spirit, coming into true being, leaving behind all worldly and earthly traps and bindings, and thus overcoming reincarnation. This is achieved through a degree of alienation from the world while alive in the flesh, and intimacy with the Divine while here on this plane. The soul of humans tends to be drawn back into earthly concerns, by blood lines, and tends to reincarnate into the same bloodlines over and over, in various roles, places, and times. This is to say, attachment, but also blood-ties, binds the soul to this plane and will often create a chain that pulls the consciousness back into the cycle of rebirth.

In like, a deep spiritual bonding between male and female, in not only romantic love, but also in plutonic affection and deep truth-filled friendship, can cause two to unite as one, and become a more powerful and transcendent form of immortal being. When entire groups of souls unite together, with groups of spirits, as one being born of many, such is elevating -- the pooling of consciousness, knowledge, experiences, identities, creating, in the forge of God's Light and Fire, singular entities of great power and presence. Such is the reason communalism is encouraged among future Urians.

Priests and priestesses gain privileges in Urian teachings, but those privileges are treasures in heaven... That is, where your heart is, there will be your treasure also, and for a Urian priest or priestess, eternity should be the place they are focused on, and the rewards therein. God is our true parent, as they must outgrow their earthly biological bindings, and God is the source of all love and life. Love in God and life in God, as all else is a passing thing, viewed as temporary... dust in the wind. Reaching the Eternal Sun, the Living Light of the One, this is paramount, to freeing yourself from the World Illusion. Devotion is therefore the foundation, for in this is intimacy with The One. If your heart is invested in this world, material things, fleshly desires and goals, so you will return again and again, or linger in the local spheres to aid those that remain behind in the midst of the vain dramas of this corrupted prison.

The mystics way is meditation and ritual, it is sacred rites and devotions of the body and mind and soul. Ambition for wealth and material acquisition, these may linger, while yet you live, but if they are not secondary (lesser idols), then you have placed partners next to God, or even above the Most High.

For Urians, our vision of priesthood is the cloaked and mysterious one, the wise and the mystical. It is the strange one, mumbling to him or her self, for sake of private conversations with unseen people (human or otherwise).

In modern Christianity, and religion generally, within the West, there is a corruption spreading through all faiths -- the Cult of Woke, the gospel of Babylon and the Beast, allegiance to the world, over allegiance unto God. The average person sees themselves as their own god, full of vanity and deceit of self, and they seek not the path to eternity, but only self-aggrandizement and self-importance. There is no ambition for immortality, and, for sake of meat-life, they have rushed altogether into the folly of a great deception, intended not only to thin the herds of humanity, but to shift them out of a path of grace. Now many a soul made it to The Light and The One before blood and grace were magnified, but it was far rarer an achievement, to say the least.

Even today, we see in studies, that only 40% of people who come near death, experience anything... That means 60% face nothing. In truth, in deep hypnosis many who come near death remember experiencing something so horrific as to not remember it upon waking, and if made to remember, are greatly traumatized. Indeed, researchers into the phenomenon of near death experiences, do tend to downplay and seek to dismiss negative experiences altogether, out of a desire for such experiences to be untrue. Still, others who claim near death experiences, are outright lying or exaggerating, in order to gain "clout," within the spiritual community, selling books or otherwise gaining influence over others thereby.

Modern Western religion has become more about political correctness and self-help -- the gospels of God and eternity, replaced with cliché psycho-babel with a Jesus twist, giving slogans and mantras to inwardly chant in order to cope with life's horrors and despair... although, I guess it's better than nothing. But it encourages believers to wait for divine intervention, instead of fighting for a better world.

It is, in a sense, the duty of every true Urian to work toward the End of the World --- as we know it... The coming of The Kingdom.

Our standard of priesthood requires some self-analysis/individuation, a lot of reading and contemplating, and a great deal of time spent with God, every day of your life. It requires that you make God the Most High in your life. Very few modern people can even imagine doing this. Yet, the minority of priests in Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity, Rabbis in Judaism, Clerics in Islam (etc) are doing this and more, every single day -- living in their path, the centers thereof, and giving themselves over to a life of devotion. We live too in this world, but even in sitting here typing, I am acutely aware of a presence, and have seen literal sparks and shimmers of light around me... It is not some symbolic thing I speak of, but real intrusions from other dimensions/planes of existence. This is the priesthood of Urianism -- the paranormal is commonplace, interaction with "other" is the norm, not the exception.

Some, most even, who come after me, will be far greater, and do actual miracles among men... but not without walking the words.

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24 de mai. de 2023


There have been questions about this on the other community -- which, in my opinion is now defunct, as the management there has abjugated authority and has allowed lawlessness to reign at times and is unresponsive to inquiry. I will here address the Urian Standard for Ministers/Reverends and for Priesthood.


This is a category for believers who teach and preach, but we would that you not do such things, unless you meet the standards hereafter listed, or you will just ultimately hurt and dilute the cause... The cause is not about numbers, right now, as I have come to believe humanity has collectively chosen the path of destruction, descent into shadows, and that the spike…

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