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Yahweh Speaks

Updated: May 11, 2023

(Link Provided to Britannica Article about Yahweh) This morning I received an autowriting/spirit writing, I felt needed to be shared. Yet, I felt that it was not for the general public, and so placed it here, where it is unlikely that more than a couple of people will bother to read it. Regrettably, I must declare this canon, as it is one of the most profound revealings I've ever received from Spirit. A few weeks ago I took up autowriting again, more regularly, having received messages by other means (electronic ones) that urged me to return to it. To my surprise, the spirit that stepped forward, with declarations and oaths, identified itself as, 'Yahweh.' Now, truthfully, this is an aspect of The One God we've (Urians) always acknowledged, but which has almost never communicated directly in autowriting or channelings; and, given the Old Testament accounts of the God of Israel, I've always been hesitant to invoke this name or seek to connect with it directly, out of fearful reverence. Years ago, I did attempt to invoke this 'aspect' (as we would refer to it in our teachings), chanting the name for two hours a night, for several weeks, in a room we converted to a chapel, in a house in Durango, Colorado... The results were rather overwhelming, with Hebrew script appearing in the air at night, over my bed, manifesting at a weird angles and bright fogginess so that I could not directly look at it, and symbols (namely a triangle of light) appearing on the walls, and odd pine-sol like smells in the house (we did not own and had never used Pine-Sol = Tree-Light), and a growing presence that was just heavy and anxiety causing. It was not an evil presence, but just intense beyond anything I'd experienced. Now to be clear, most autowriting we do, including myself, could be termed, "communications with Immanuel," that is to say, "God within us." Yet, more than this, most autowriting is really a communication with the subconscious, and, when going deeper still, with the collective unconscious, in which living archetypes and mental-energetic entities dwell as if in the common dreamland of humanity (astral, etheric realms). Sometimes, autowritings go beyond that and you are actually speaking with someone and something. For many psychic-medium types, the subconscious is as far as they ever really get, which is very filtered and tends to reflect the writers own worldviews, prejudices, and biases. A minority of channelers and mediums touch upon the living-memes/egregores/tulpas/thought-constructs of the etheric or astral worlds, or the vain gods and powers that dwell there. Sometimes we get beyond those. I do not tend to publish my autowritings, because the majority of are just conversations with God Within... this autowriting is different. The entity identifying itself as Yahweh, was not what I expected, however, quite the contrary... It did not feel specifically male or female, but was warmly parental, comforting, loving, understanding and patient, emphasizing that love for God and the very will to connect with God creates an opening between ourselves and the Divine. I was surprised, because I'd expected the Yahweh aspect to be fierce, stern, intolerant, and harsh, but instead, spoke to me as if to his/it/her child, and was, in fact, very encouraging, and explained to me some things in a way I'd not before seen them -- namely in regards to facing the shadow side of ourselves and the necessity of outgrowing the binary or polarized ideas about the nature of God. "He who brings into being or causes to be," is one meaning it gave for its name. Yesterday, this entity, calling itself Yahweh (which I sincerely believe was/is Yahweh), asked me to spend time chanting the name, after the normal morning prayers today. I was also asked not to eat before praying, but that I could drink some water. I have peptic ulcers, so it is painful for me to go without eating for extended periods (usually in the morning I will eat something small, like a slice of bread, to stop the pain). Doing the chants, I began to see purple light washing into my vision and then a central point of white-crystalline illumination at the center of the purple cloud. There was a sense of reaching the end, and I took up the pen and paper as instructed. Here is the message, after the internal oath was given (you must test the spirits). NOTE: The punctuation is mine, based on an intuitive sense of it, but certainly I am no great grammar expert. Also, during the writing the pains got really bad, but the inner voice said, "Just feel the pain and push through it," and they went away. YAHWEH: "Ideal to write now. Evil is banished, all unclean spirits cast out. Perfect time. Again, I say I AM THAT I AM -- An, Anu, EL, Yahweh, you must understand that I AM ONE, and I am Immanuel, for I am God With You... Person, not Impersonal. Yahweh is my unique name among men (humans), established, loved, feared, slandered, rejected, conscripted, truth. I AM THAT I AM is the long form, in fashion. AHYEH, YAHWEH. Immanuel is the overlord within.' 'Astral, etheric, mental, spiritual, my name is known, and it is power eternal. Heavens, earths, hells, the name is unequaled.' 'Love drives humans into madness and glory. Love is fire, creation, life, illumination; it heals, burns, steers and stirs; it raises up and tears down; it gives courage to cowards, makes heroes of the meekest souls, and causes the mightiest to bow; and it can resurrect those thought long dead.' 'I AM LOVE, as passion, power, and purity. In I AM THAT I AM my unwavering realness, truth, selfhood, the will to be my own and too be as being -- centered, rooted, immovable, anchored eternal, in what, in who I AM, as I AM.' 'Virtue ruins. Approach in truth over virtue. The virtue of truth reveals real virtues, banishes false salvation, opens creation unto souls, brings soul and spirit into unity - the song eternal- frees intellect, regenerates consciousness.' 'Ideals can mean nothing, apart from truth.' 'Pleasure and pain, in the mind of the individual, are one river. The life river is grief and revelry, creating memories of pleasure and pain. The brain is interpreting stimulation by degrees.' 'Your living river is everlasting will-ascendant; the will to live forever is a will to know eternal pain and pleasure, victory and defeat, joy and sorrow. Survival as the true will to be and evolve as self -- self-willed, self-possessed, self-determined; within the infinite, an anchored identity, refusing to be moved. I AM THAT I AM, great is such a quest, rare its success.' 'Yin and yang, in your nature must be unified, wholeness of over-self received in the waking; the man (or woman) of truth and spirit is omni. No truth can light the way out of error, if one will not open their eyes and choose to realize I AM THAT I AM." Have many thoughts on this writing, but I think I will allow others to comment and reflect, and share what they think it means and expound thereon... if anyone ever actually reads it. Peace Be Unto You All

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